The project : 

It is a European project carried out by 5 associations (in Italy, Spain, Martinique and France metropolitan) which aims to promote and encourage the inclusion of newcomers through intercultural dialogue and environmental issues. The aim is to develop pedagogical tools on this theme for the guides who work with vulnerable groups.

In this framework we organise activities (ex: forum theatre days) to share our perceptions of the environment,



the way we interact with nature and what ecology means to us, in a group with newcomers and French or « local » people.

In order to communicate in the simplest way possible with the people in the day centre, we focused on the fact that it is mainly about practising French and meeting French people, as well as having a good time. For the French or « local » people, it is also an opportunity to have a good time, to enrich one’s network and to contribute to a better inclusion of newcomers around the topic of ecology.

Partners :